Avis juridique


Following the law n°78-17 of the 6 january 1978 modified the 6 august 2004 concerning information technology, files and freedom, everyone who's contact details are present on this website are free to acces, modify, correction and deletion of his concerning data.

If you want to modify or delete these data, please log into your personal space on this website. You can also ask it to this contact :

Aeropyrenees, 499 Avenue Maurice Bellonte, 66000 Perpignan

E-mail : [email protected]


Website presentation and content constitute together a protected work from applicable law on intellectual property. Business exploitation, copying, representation, usage, adaptation, modification, incorporation, traduction, incomplete or integral of this website elements can't be done without the authorization of Aeropyrenees.


Website database, structure and text, images and every other elements from this website are exclusive property of Aeropyrenees.

Consequently, every representation, business exploitation, integral or partial reproduction of pages, data, or every other elements of this website, from every proceeding or format, done without Aeropyrenees consentment il prohibited (law from the 11 march 1957, 1st indentation of article 40) and constitute a counterfeit punished by article 425 of the penal law. Every authorization application should be send to the following adress : [email protected]


Alumni's directory is the property of Aeropyrenees, who possess entirety of ownership and producer. Every usage without authorization of Aeropyrenees, especially every copying, representation, digitalization or modification, partially or integrally of the directory, on each form and to every addressee, is prohibited except with the authorization of Aeropyrenees.

Resulting files will never be send to outsiders and will never be apart of a business usage.

All saved informations are used exclusively for APY ALUMNI, and can be communicate exclusively to Aeropyrenees Training Center or members of this society, excluding every outsiders.

Aeropyrenees don't take any commitment on the exactitude, and information update from the directory; its responsability can't be engaged. Aeropyrenees is trying his best to update and to control directory's data exactitude.


These legal notice can be modified and/or adapted every day. Aeropyrenees invites you to come and check these notices regularly.